World-class project management starts with the front-end process that selects the right projects and clearly defines the objectives and appropriate scope. The business case articulates the financial benefits and intangible value points, in addition to the investment requirements.   A leadership council governs the projects and manages them as part of the balanced enterprise portfolio of investments.


Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia, PA


Train Bridge in Dublin, IrelandWorld-class project managers translate the business case into a detailed plan and monitor the progress of the project. They recruit and ensure the best resources are optimally utilized, schedule the work and apply the appropriate execution process to create deliverables at the right level of quality.  The team achieves a high level of performance and key stakeholders feel the right level of engagement. Before customer impact, the team detects and resolves issues and risks. Project managers routinely communicate project status to leadership. Customers and team members demonstrate confidence that project objectives will be achieved.


World-class project management executed by world class project managers successfully deliver, stabilize and transition the project and its product(s) to its operational owners. The organization learns project and portfolio lessons and leverages them during future projects.  The organization achieves the benefits defined in the approved business case, tracking them within the investment portfolio. 


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